India won only 4 out of 25 tests outside sub-continent under MS Dhoni

• Defeated Newzealand 1-0 in Newzealand. • Crossed Saurav Ganguly’s listing of 2-1 Test wins to become India’s most prosperous
captain. Let’s go through a number of the Highs & Lows Being a Test Captain: • Constructed the careers of several young players
even if it meant compromising some Legends. • Never scored One Hundred out Asia. Failed to inspire team to success overseas unlike
Ganguly. • Lost 13 to England in 2014 later having a lead of 1-0. For a few, He had been a Legend, for many others He had been
only a typical guy who got Lucky more frequently than not. For me, He was a mix of both. While his Captaincy performances in ODIs
& T20s have been excellent, his test record does not imply the truth behind it. Whatever the stats, Dhoni is going to be
remembered for many years ahead & it’ll be very hard for Captains of those coming generations to exceed his own achievements. •
Lost 1-2 to England at 2012 after gaining a lead of 1-0 at Home series. • Another a way Loss might have kept him par with Stephen
Fleming for most number of away test losses as Captain. Ms Dhoni Records As a skipper MS Dhoni’s triumph percentage in ODIs and
T20Is is currently 59.57 percent, 59.28% respectively. We wish him the very best for Indian Team’s title defense in the entire
world Cup 2015 hoping he will once more offer some moments of Joy for Indian fans, in the end changing formats does wonders for
him! It was indeed a Practical End to a Practical man’s Exam Career. A person who carried on with his business softly, never
saying any such thing, letting the Planet talk aimlessly. Dhoni climbed as a person, like a man when he was awarded the captaincy
of this test outfit. This brought an end to some glorious test career spanning nearly a decade. Ms dhoni captaincy record Highs •
white washed 4-0 by Australia in 201112 at Australia. • India achieved number-one Exam ranking for 18 months beginning December
2009. • white-washed 4-0 by England at 2011 at England. • India won only 4 out of 25 tests outside sub-continent under MS Dhoni.
Lows • Whitewashed Australia 4-0 in Border Gavaskar Trophy in 2013 played at Home. • 8 Consecutive Test Outcomes. All these things
I made are only regarding Test Cricket. His main accomplishment stays Leading India into Number 1 Exam Position built on a
collection of dwelling performances and dominance by the Golden Generation & himself. Thus, which makes him a Mediocre Test
Captain at greatest. MS Dhoni can be a perfect example of”Zero to Hero”,”Fortune favors the Brave” &”A typical man rising during
the Ranks to Fight his Country to Glory.” • Captained at 60 of the 90 evaluations he played India. • Won home series against
Australia at 2008, England at 2008-09, Sri Lanka in 2009-10, Australia and Newzealand in 2010-11, and also the West Indies in 2011
12 and 2013-14 respectively. • Criticized for too much defensive captaincy in Tests. With a win percentage of 45% he has won 27
Tests as India captain, which makes him the most successful Indian Test skipper. • Had a decreasing percentage of 45%.dhoni